Chris Hunt’s New Commercial Director Show Reel

Check out the latest version of my show reel of the commercials I have directed. It’s a mix of things I’ve done for clients in the U.S.A. and Mexico. It’s been a lot of fun getting to this point with the motion work, and I have a lot of new projects just completed or in the works right now including commercials, music videos and film. I can’t wait to get them all edited so I can show you what I have been up to.

And here is a shout out to my Director of Photography, Ivan Vilchis Ibarra… you can see his work here: He’s an extremely talented DP and a great guy to work with. One of the things I have learned about directing is that it’s all about assembling a talented team, and working together in an open and collaborative environment. As a director I need people like Ivan around me to offer their expertise and input. And I also have to give them the freedom to try their ideas out. After all, the goal of every one on the set of a film project is to support the director and make the project look as good as it possibly can. So a big thank you to everyone I have worked with on these projects!