My photos from a NASCAR Mexico race

I love auto racing!  I’ve been a fan of Formula 1 all my life, and most every other form of auto racing too.  So it was a lot of fun to be given a pit pass to a NASCAR Mexico race at the Autodromos Hermanos Rodriguez when I was in Mexico City for a photo shoot. Of course I brought my camera to the race, and below are the results….  plus a photo of me in my element! Watching auto racing on TV only gives you a glimmer of how exciting it actually is in person, especially when you are right in the pits with the teams and the cars.  I can’t wait to do it again, maybe I’ll get lucky and the next time will be a Formula 1 race 🙂



Chris Hunt having fun at a NASCAR race.

Chris Hunt’s TV Commercials featured in

Cool! My TV commercials for Coppel were just featured on the photography news service!


The Mexican department store COPPEL SA de CV, with headquarters in Culiacan, Mexico, commissioned CHRIS HUNT to make two summer films to advertise the elegant fashion lines Thinner and Rio Beach. Both films were made on location – and of course on the beach in Mexico and in San Miguel de Allende, World Cultural Heritage since 2008. Production support came from Quadro Production.

Chris Hunt’s New Commercial Director Show Reel

Check out the latest version of my show reel of the commercials I have directed. It’s a mix of things I’ve done for clients in the U.S.A. and Mexico. It’s been a lot of fun getting to this point with the motion work, and I have a lot of new projects just completed or in the works right now including commercials, music videos and film. I can’t wait to get them all edited so I can show you what I have been up to.

And here is a shout out to my Director of Photography, Ivan Vilchis Ibarra… you can see his work here: He’s an extremely talented DP and a great guy to work with. One of the things I have learned about directing is that it’s all about assembling a talented team, and working together in an open and collaborative environment. As a director I need people like Ivan around me to offer their expertise and input. And I also have to give them the freedom to try their ideas out. After all, the goal of every one on the set of a film project is to support the director and make the project look as good as it possibly can. So a big thank you to everyone I have worked with on these projects!


It was really great to see my work for two recent fashion campaigns featured on the photography news site  Here is the link to the full article, check it out:  Chris Hunt shoots sexy summer campaign for Urban Planet and shoots C&A winter collection as backstage story on film shoot.

The first was for Canadian brand Urban Planet, from a shoot we did in Tulum, Mexico.  We shot this campaign for a few days on the beach, always a nice way to work!  Tulum is one of my favorite places to shoot, beautiful white sand and blue water, perfect weather.  And believe it or not, two of my favorite restaurants in the world are there, so I will take any excuse for a visit.

Shooting on the beach always presents some challenges… not long ago we ruined a camera when a sneak wave washed over us!  But the only real problem we had on this shoot was a few hours of rain in the afternoon.  What can you do when it rains in the middle of your shoot?  Well, either just stop shooting and wait it out, or do what we did, and take the shoot indoors!  Add a little extra light with some strobes and, no problem!

The other shoot featured was a campaign for the worldwide fashion brand C&A. This one was almost a complete opposite look… in studio, dramatic lighting, and even smoke machines!  For this campaign we were inspired by the behind the scenes shots from the movie Rebel Without a Cause starring James Dean and Natalie Wood.

People often ask me if I prefer to shoot in the studio or on location… honestly I love both!  Part of the fun of being a photographer is being presented with challenges to overcome… maybe it’s bad weather when we are on location, and in studio it’s more about how to create the perfect light.  Every job I am on is different, and that keeps things fresh and exciting.. Even after working in this business for 16 years!Chris-Hunt-Fashion-Photography-Urban-Planet-CampaignChris-Hunt-Fashion-Photography-C&A-Campaign